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Is learning how to “pace” important on the ACT?

We develop strategies that allow the individual to time according to their strengths.

Will a few more points really make a difference?

One point or two in a given section can help change the overall composite, so every point counts!

Do you have a special program for students with learning challenges?

Yes.  For students with learning challenges, standardized college entrance exams can seem like a roadblock on their journey to the school of their choice.  Academic Tutoring Centers is known for its work in preparing students with learning challenges for college entrance exams.

Our staff includes teachers with special training who are able to help students maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, so they are able to conquer the test with the same confidence and control as their peers. We are proud that our students with learning challenges have been accepted into many fine colleges and universities.

How many sessions do you recommend for ACT/SAT?

While many students will complete 8 session verbal and 8 math sessions prior to their first exam, it is not one size fits all.  The best way to know what plan would suit your student is to give us a call to discuss.

How long is a tutoring session?

60 minutes, unless otherwise specified.

What does a verbal tutor cover on the ACT?

English, Reading, Science, and the Optional Essay

Is there homework?

Yes, after every session, with the exception of directly before the test.

Where is tutoring held?

Most of our students will be tutored at one of two home base locations:

460 Central Avenue in Highland Park


201 E. Ogden Avenue in Hinsdale

Upon request, some of our city students may meet with a tutor in the city.

Can students call as needed for general classroom help?

Yes, absolutely.

How do you sign up to receive your answers back from the ACT, aka Test Release?

During registration you can sign up to receive a copy of the test booklet, as well as an answer copy during these test dates:




If you forgot to add this option during registration, use this link to order the Test Release:


How do you sign up to get your answers back on the SAT?

During registration you can sign up to receive your answers back on these test dates:

October, January, and May.

If you did not sign up during registration to receive your answers, call SAT at:


Do you see the same tutor every week?

The hope is that your student will be matched with a tutor in which they can stay with for the duration of tutoring, so yes, they would meet with the same tutor(s) every week.

Do you offer a practice test?

Yes, we offer two free practice tests for students in our tutoring program.  Please call the office to discuss testing availability and other details regarding the practicing procedures.

How is a tutor chosen?
  • Schedule
  • High school classes/ level
  • Baseline testing information
  • Any learning accommodations?
What calculators are allowed on the test? ACT and SAT





Do we supply materials?

Yes!  In addition to textbooks, other supplemental material will be given.